Get Map Dota in Many Language Version

Friday, April 10, 2015 | | 0 comments

You can choice for your language in below list, get now !

English 6.83c

Simplified Chinese 6.83c

Russian 6.83c

Hungarian 6.83c

Romanian 6.83c

Czech 6.83c

French 6.83c

German 6.83c

Greek 6.83c

Hungarian 6.83c

Korean 6.83c

Portuguese 6.83c

Spanish 6.83c

Filipino 6.83c

Traditional Chinese 6.83c

Turkish 6.83c.

Download Map DotA v.6.83c Latest


Yes, i am very happy, now Dota Map in new version is release

Get the map on this link

Enjoy it, let's war bro

Download Map Dota LOD Latest


You can play LOD ( Legend of Dota ) in new version as soon,

But you can play it LOD map in this version, download it


Map Dota v6.83c.w3x Official Map Download


Latest map in DOTA 1, official map download from

you can downlod this map in here, let's get to the map, and play on